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  • Our products are of very high quality, still affordable to everyone, From a labour, auto rickshaw driver to a crorepati. So everyone is our customer.
  • Our commitment to Quality is Top class.
  • Our consistant in-house roasted masalas help you offer standardized taste to your customers 365 days a year.

  • Product range is huge but space requirement & investment is low.
  • Benifit from our Innovative, cutting edge cooking techniques.
  • Lowest Risk Business.
  • Our product preparation methods are a combination of Art & Science.
  • Hygienic food preparation, same taste at all outlets, high margin on every product.
  • Experienced business set-up consultants with combined experience of over 20 years in this industry.
  • Own SECRET recipe & taste maker with Standard food preparation charts.
  • No dependence on skilled labour : Anybody can make our products.

  • National brand offering freshly cooked food and no frozen items.
  • Very easy to manage shop, low operational costs and attractive return on investments.
  • Opportunity to partner with a growing fast food franchise and operate it in your area.
  • Own a economical but modern – executive standard - next generation fast food franchise outlet at low cost.
  • Access to our Low priced Innovative products and gateway to our `competitive-superior´ future projects.
  • Pavbhaji king products are aggressively priced and generate high sales volume.

  • A proven marketing system: Pavbhaji king has high recall.
  • The franchisor's advice and guidance gives direction to the franchise partner on what works and what does not work in the business. A branded business and experienced back-end support results into overall minimization of business risk because Pavbhaji King is always looking to innovate and offer more help to its partners to grow their business.